Fever and Fuss Editing
Simple, elegant editing.



Providing your story with clarity

Ensuring that a story captures the reader’s attention and keeps them captivated from page 1 to THE END is one of the most difficult tasks with which a writer must contend.

Our goal is simple: to help guide your story to its maximum, most interesting, and readable potential through detailed editing—line by line, scene by scene—with a focus on maintaining clarity throughout.


Areas of Focus

Speculative fiction

Speculative fiction casts a wide net and so do we. Be it steampunk, urban fantasy, cyberpunk, space opera, or something a little stranger, we speak your language. We will make sure your story excites the imagination.


A good mystery doesn’t withhold information from the reader: it gives. Having a hard time getting your gumshoe on the right trail in your hardboiled crime novel?
Let us get him back on the scent, in a compelling way.

Comic Scripts

Comic scripts are a different beast than a manuscript. As a collaborative form, writing for comics requires clear, concise descriptions that convey action, intent, and motion, for both reader and the artist. Let us make sure your vision is being communicated effectively.


Let's write.

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